Ad Fundum vodka is produced by the prize winning distiller ‘Herman Jansen Beverages’ in Schiedam, The Netherlands and labeled by artist collective Moansburg.

In the spirit of the late Bukowski we agree with his belief that “alcohol is probably one of the greatest things to arrive upon the earth”.

Lest we should forget we had to fight for the right to be free to enjoy ourselves…Where responsibility lies within.Whether you’re together at the bar, on a Friday at the office or in the park with a brown paper bag; social drinking culture is everywhere.

We embrace this cultural inheritance by references of genuine history.

So well done… soak up our victory. Bottom’s up! Ad Fundum

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What is Ad Fundum ‘natural herbs flavoured’ vodka?

Ad Fundum natural herbs flavoured vodka is a premium herb-infused, charcoal-distilled grain vodka from Holland, home to the worldís first Gin, also called Genever (or Jenever), first created in the 1600’s long before the gin distilling tradition emerged in London. Although new to the global marketplace, Ad Fundum natural herbs flavoured vodka unique herbal recipe is steeped in Dutch history and heritage.

Heritage from the High Seas: The Dutch Tradition of Herbal Infusions

The proprietary herbal blend which provides the basis for Ad Fundum natural herbs flavoured vodka dates back to the 1700’s, an era when adventurous Dutch seafarers had long established themselves as a global force in the international spice trade. One herb trader from Amsterdam created a special blend that became a popular product with local Bargemen and sailors. With little time for illness, sailors would purchase his packets, believing in the medicinal qualities of the herbal concoction- in particular when mixed with strong Dutch Gin (Genever) and brandy. Later a Dutch Innkeeper obtained the herbal recipe, further perfecting the original blend by adding the freshest of herbs from the banks of lakes, meadows and fields near his inn. The end result was a dark and spicy concoction which formed the base for Ad Fundum natural herbs flavoured vodka.