Manufacturing / Production Process

Creating Ad Fundum natural herbs flavoured vodka requires the following four step process in order to achieve the complexity of taste and flavor: purification, herb extraction, distillation and blending. All of this is done under close supervision of Master Distiller Ad van der Lee at Herman Jansenís historical distillery (from 1795):

Step 1 – Purification

The vodka distilled from fermented grain wheat, rye and corn ground in the distillery’s historic windmill dating back to 1785) in a multiple distillation process forms a solid vodka base for herbal infusion. The ultra smooth taste is obtained by filtration over activated carbon – often referred to as charcoal. An intensive and slow active carbon filtration process removes any sharpness giving the vodka a softer taste.

Step 2 – Herb extraction

The herbs are meticulously checked and only the highest quality are selected. A tincture is obtained by combining neutral grain vodka and the selected herbs, which is then gently stirred over a period of time until the desired taste and consistency is reached. The herbs are at this point removed.

Step 3 – Distillation

Wheat, rye and corn (malt) form the basis of this Dutch vodka, which is distilled three times on an alembic pot still. The third time more natural herbs are added, which gives the vodka a unique smooth taste. This traditional process uses old copper stills to produce vodka unparalleled in quality and flavour – the same copper stills used to produce Genever Gin.

Step 4 – Blending

All components then come together in the final stage of the production process. The herb extract, the traditionally distilled Dutch herb vodka, and the active carbon filtered vodka together become a complex but smooth tasting Ad Fundum natural herbs flavoured vodka. The blending, also called the marriage, unites all elements into one preparation. The nuances of herbs form a single composition with unsurpassed complexity, subtle aroma and taste. The result is a smooth, masterfully blended vodka with a balanced mix of herbs.



Flavor Profile:

Nose: Complex and aromatic a hint of rosemary, cedar and juniper. Taste: well-balanced mouthfeel with a smooth, palatable finish. With its herbal flavor and complexity, Ad Fundum natural herbs flavoured vodka is an ideal base for premium cocktails, both classic and innovative, or to be enjoyed simply on the rocks.